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Anna Craigen

Mindset and Confidence Coach


About Me

As a certified coach, I take my clients from where they are to where they want to be. By going through a process of becoming confident and resourceful a.k.a becoming your badass self. 


I always knew I could be and have more. Yet, no matter how hard I wanted that life, I couldn’t seem to pass my self-doubt and sabotage, being stuck in disempowering habits. Little did I know I could not live the life of my dreams if I wasn’t the woman of my dreams…what an absolute pain in my a**. 


But I got there. 


Broke free from my past, my pain, and was able to escape the matrix. Embarked on a journey of true healing, where I created a conscious and loving relationship with myself, where I could return to my spiritual essence and create a life I was proud of. 


I transformed my life and I am dead set on helping others do the same. Where I can help create a new earth where we can love more deeply, express more openly and create more freely. 


By living a life where you tap into your personal power and create massive shifts both internally and externally. A life where you can live in alignment with your soul and be your higher, empowered self who lives their life by design. 


If you like to work together you can book a free consultation call so we can see if we are a perfect fit for each other. 




'I highly recommend Anna as a coach. I struggled with self-love and maintaining boundaries. But working with Anna created many changes in my life. Sometimes, it takes the right person and methods to shift your perspective. Anna was the right person for me. I got new insights that are a total game-changer. She has the unique ability to change your view and holds you accountable between sessions. This journey was well worth the investment'.

Nathalie L. 

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